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December 16, 2016

Casting gets high-tech with Click2Cast Simulation

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The new technology – Click2Cast, allows the design engineers and foundry production teams to model, simulate and test mould designs to identify and eradicate potential issues such as porosity, entrapment and cold shuts well before expensive tooling is created or test castings are run.

Advanced technology is pouring new life into the most traditional of industries with NovaCast participating heavily in the latest Click2Cast Casting Simulation Systems at its non-ferrous foundry in Melksham.

  • Key Features Truly intuitive interface simulation software for Casting process
  • Accurate results due to the powerful FEM solvers.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Allow the users to test different mold design possibilities by very few intuitive button clicks.

Richard Phillips, Sales Director at NovaCast commented, “Engineering and simulation software is continually evolving and we need to ensure that we have the most appropriate systems in house. Investment like this is essential in ensuring that UK businesses like ours can continue to compete and prosper in world markets.”

He also said that gone are the days when the only way to test the integrity of a casting foundry was by trial and alteration, albeit in a skilled environment.

The result from this intelligent software is faster and more accurate. It provides greater certainty regarding principal times and lower production costs as design changes due to unforeseen casting issues are greatly reduced.

NovaCast has over 35+ years of ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting experience spreading into markets as diverse as transport, offshore, utilities and general engineering.