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June 21, 2016
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July 8, 2016

Ding dong: Poles make world’s largest hanging bell

Largest Bell in the World

A foundry in Poland is manufacturing the world’s largest hanging bell, a 50-tonne colossus specially made by a basilica in Brazil.

Piotr Olszewski, the proprietor of the foundry based in the eastern Polish city of Przemysl said, “It will be the world’s largest hanging-type bell in operation, which will be more than four metres in height & 4.5 metres in diameter”.

In the southern city of Krakow, Olszewski borrowed part of a former steelworks to make the bell, specially made by the Basilica of the Divine Eternal Father in Trindade, Brazil, a famous terminus for Catholic tourists.

Olszewski stated “It is an actual challenge throughout casting, because of the tremendous pressure at the base of the bell,” adding specialists from the Silesian University of Technology had been invited to support.

“There are greater bells in Asia, but then Buddhist bells are positioned on the ground and hit from the side, and the well-known Tsar Bell in Moscow, which weighs 200 tonnes, and is not functioning,” he added.

The biggest swinging bell in the world presently, weighing 36.2 tonnes, can be found in GotembaJapan.

Olszewski added “the bigger the bell, the deeper the sound”. His workshop manufactures a hundred bells a year.

To make the piece, the organisers will require 60 tonnes of brass, which will have a sound Olszewski described as “noble.”

The bell will be transported to Brazil next year by ship.