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October 10, 2016
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October 21, 2016

Indsur Global- Foundry Industry, puts Rs. 150-cr Plan on Hold

Foundry Industry

Scenario of Indsur Global Foundry Industry

In an indication of developing anxiety in the manufacturing sector, Indsur Global, a main manufacturer of power infrastructure and different sorts of castings, has chosen to put on hold its progressing casting expansion plan at Vadodra in Gujarat because of expansive scale dumping of comparative items by Chinese makers.

After the levy of a minimum import cost on steel, a large portion of the infrastructure companies are currently importing value-added steel items at much less expensive value, putting the government’s flagship Make in India program at risk.

As a major aspect of its expansion and modernisation plans, Indsur Global had planned to invest Rs. 150 crore to extend its current foundry capacity. In the initial stage, it had invested & installed robotics and other advanced equipments, equivalent to the best plants globally. It had contributed Rs. 50 crore in the main stage, which is currently operational. However, the organization has now chosen to put further investment on hold by virtue of cheap imports from China.

SM Lodha, Chairman, Indsur Group, said, the foundry industry is a neglected area and has no-level playing field when contrasted with China, which benefits because of sponsored power tariff, subsidised interest rates & adaptable work laws.

The circumstance has exacerbated because of a log jam in the Chinese manufacturing sector where the government is currently dying down 12.5 per cent on foundry items which, thusly, has begun influencing the Indian organizations.

There are more than 5,000 units in the SME segment in India, delivering more than 7.50 million tons for each year of casting products, utilizing more than 5 lakh laborers. These foundries make diverse sorts of items, which are utilized as a part of power infrastructure, vehicles, railroads, development and different ventures, other than exporting, in this manner, acquiring valuable foreign exchange.

Intense rivalry and cost-related issues have brought about the conclusion of numerous foundries in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and different parts of nation, however this has gone unnoticed, said Lodha.

Numerous foundries are very near to closure. Tragically that the business, which utilizes such an expansive work force, has no legitimate voice and support from the government, he said.

It is astounding that this “large scale work intensive foundry industry, which is reeling under serious pressures, has never received due government consideration like different sectors. The business has approached the government for forcing against dumping obligation on all imports of foundry items, be it for any application, for their survival.

The Government ought to start a study with reference to what number of such units have shut in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and different states and quickly impose anti-dumping duty to protect the business and livelihood of workers.

Prior, building major Larsen and Toubro had recorded an application with the Directorate-General of Anti-dumping and Allied Duties claiming dumping of specific castings implied for wind-worked power generators/windmills, originating in or exported from China, said Lodha.