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Lab USA and Republic Services Unveil State-of-The-Art Landfill Ash Metal Recovery Facility

Metal Recovery Facility

Lately, at the Roosevelt Regional Landfill, Republic Services, Inc. (NYSE: RSG) and Lab USA revealed a state-of-the-art ash metal recovery capability.  The innovative procedure permits for the retrieval of metals found in ash previously lost through traditional approaches of resource recovery.  The facility is set to process all of the existing ash currently in the landfill as well as systematically process all newly delivered ash to the Roosevelt Landfill.  Once recuperated, the metals are recycled, dispatched to manufacturers and repurposed to create new metal products.

“Environmental challenges require novel solutions.  We are proud to partner with Lab USA & stay dedicated to recognising advanced technologies & resources that agree to repurpose treasured commodities to make new products,” specified Mike Huycke, area president, Republic Services.  “We must lead by instance, functioning persistently to preserve our natural environment through state-of-the-art landfill and processing technologies.”

“Lab USA is very eager about commencement this enduring relationship with Republic Services. The Roosevelt Regional Landfill is an instance of progressive waste management & Lab USA is honoured to be a part of the contribution towards protecting the planet. The elimination of metals from ash is a huge step in reprocessing efforts and it is the leading step towards beneficial usage of ash, on which Lab USA is dedicated,” stated Brent DuBois, president & CEO of Lab USA,.

The facility is valued to recuperate & recycle over 42,900 tons of non-ferrous metals &46,200 tons of ferrous metals.  Those which comprise iron such as steel, cast iron and stainless steel are ferrous metals.  And those that don’t contain iron & don’t have a magnetic quality such as copper, aluminium, tin & lead are Non-ferrous metals.

Roosevelt Landfill uses the waste collected together from municipalities across Washington & transforms the methane gas (CH4) into a renewable energy source.  Functioning with the Klickitat Public Utility District, the landfill presently offers enough energy to power up to 30,000 local households yearly.

“The Ash Processing Facility lasts a tradition of environmental stewardship & technical innovation that has always been present at the Roosevelt Regional Landfill.  Klickitat County is a proud partner with Republic Services and Lab USA,” stated Kevin Berry, Klickitat County Solid Waste director.

The quantity of metals recuperated & recycled through this facility will have measurable environmental impacts.  As per the American Iron and Steel Institute, the energy consumption of recycling iron is 20% lower than that of mining & processing iron from natural resources. The International Copper Association informed that the energy savings from recycling copper is roughly 60% lesser that of mining copper from natural resources. The intended recovery of 46,200 tons of ferrous metals from this facility is the same to constructing nearly six Eiffel Towers. The likely recovery of 4,290 tons of copper could make almost 24.9 million linear feet of half-inch copper piping used to carry water in households. Which is sufficient pipe to stretch from Roosevelt, Wash. to New Orleans, La. & back.  Regaining these metals that were formerly lost through traditional approaches of resource recovery considerably lessens greenhouse gas emissions.

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