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September 12, 2016
September 29, 2016

Converting Weldments to Castings – Metal Casting Industry 2016

Metal Casting Industry

A new trend has come to the Metal Casting Industry . Converting weldments to castings is one bandwagon manufacturers need to hop on.

Metal Casting Industry are producing whole ductile iron castings rather than filling their time with welding pieces together. The casting process is packed with benefits for manufacturing companies and those industries they serve across the globe.

Some of the benefits that accompany the switch from welding to casting:

1. The Casting Process Saves Time

Appointing experienced welders is far from easy. You may spend months to find welders. Once you land the right welders for your company, after that quality welding is a time-consuming task too.

The casting process, on the other hand, is a more efficient alternative for accomplishing the same process. You can then allot the extra time into improving other areas of your business & more flexible time management allows you to run a more practical and effective manufacturing company.

2.The Casting Process Improves the Quality and Design of Product

Since each individual piece of a weldment is welded to the following; there is a higher risk of deformation & final product will be less functional. The quality is often ordinary, and the design is often spattered with disproportioned weld beads.

Every ductile iron casting is a unit that requires no welding. With the correct molds, castings feature a much smoother design and no danger of distinct pieces cracking from one another. This makes products of industries, such as the automotive and railroad industries, far safer and more trustable for customers.

Weldments to casting

Weldments to casting

3.Castings Save Your Money

The switch helps your company save money and improve its profits. Castings are less cheap to produce, which allows manufacturing companies to lower their cost to consumers, growing business.

Vendors of manufacturing companies also save money via process. It takes time to find tradesmen, but it also takes money to keep those welders employed.